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Chicken Cashew Nut

Chicken stir-fry w. homemade sauce, seasonal veg

and cashew nut $22.9 / Vegetarian $21.9

Lemongrass chicken

Fragrant grilled chicken tenderloin with garlic, dried chili,

kaffir lime, shallots, lemongrass served with

rocket salad $24.9



Beef Graprow

Beef stir-fry w. fresh garlic and chili, seasonal veg,

and Thai sweet basil $22.9 / Vegetarian $21.9

chili beef

thai wok-fried beef with house made chili paste, kaffir lime,

young peppercorn and green vegetables




Pad Thai

Thai wok-fried rice noodles with chicken breast, eggs, tofu,

peanut, seasonal veg and Tamarind

reduction $23.9 /Vegetarian $22.9



Red Duck Curry 

Red curry w. roasted duck breast, Lychee, cherry

tomato, seasonal veg, and Thai sweet basil $27.9

Vegetarian $21.9



Green Chicken Curry 

Aromatic chicken breast green curry w. seasonal veg,

chili, and Thai sweet basil $22.9 /Vegetarian $21.9



Massaman Lamb Curry 

Tender spiced lamb shank w. creamy Massaman

curry w. potato, onion, and peanut $28.9 



Kaffir Lime Seafood Curry

Combination of seafood w. seasonal vegetable,

chili , kaffir lime and pumpkin curry $27.9 



Lemon Lime Fish 

Crispy white-flesh fish fillet with green Salad, chili,

Asian herbs, tomato and lemon lime dressing $25.9 

fish on the beach

crispy rockling fillet with spicy trio flavored sauce, pear salad

and feta cheese $25.9



beef panang curry

braised rump dice with home made panang curry, onion,

lime leaves, zucchini, green bean $27.9

vegetarian $21.9





Crispy Caramel Pork Belly

Crispy skin pork belly coated w. chili caramel

glaze, Thai arancini, and Asian green stir-fry$27.9



Beef On Fire 

extremely hot rump slice with chili, kaffir lime,

shallot, lemongrass, and turmeric served with

blanched seasonal veg $23.9 



Pepper corn seafood

Stir-fry seafood with green pepper corn,

rhizome, seasonal veg and sweet

basil $27.9 /Vegetarian $21.9



Garlic and Pepper Seafood 

Fried Black Tiger Prawns, White-flesh fish &

Squid with onion, garlic and pepper Sauce with

light salad $27.9



Sumalee Garden

Sauté’ Asian Green, tofu, shitake mushrooms,

ginger w. Sumalee homemade sauce $22.9

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