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Lamb Puff 

Braised spiced lamb with

sweet potato and coriander in puff pastry $12.9



Thai Arancini 

Stuffed with pork

minced, ginger, kaffir lime, and grounded

toasted rice $12.9



Ocean Bag 

Stuffed w prawns,

vermicelli, Asian herbs and spices in spring roll

pastry $12.9 (N/A)



Golden Prawn 

Marinated crumbed

prawns with mint yogurt and orange ginger

caramel dipping sauces $12.9



Prawn Plaza 

Marinated prawns with

spicy lemon and chili dressing on top of

traditional Thai glutinous rice cracker $13.9



Chicken Satay 

Spiced Chicken Satay

with Peanut Sauce $12.9

Tofu Satay

Crispy bean curd toasted with

home made peanut sauce $12.9

Crispy Sesame Tofu

Shallow fried tofu

coated with black/white sesame seeds and

cucumber salsa $12.9



Veggie Spring rolls

Grandma's recipe mixed veg wrapped with crispy

spring roll pastry $12.9

spicy beef Spring rolls

Thai spicy beef with mint leaves, mint leaves, lime juice,

shallots, rice powder & chili wrapped

in crispy springroll pastry $12.9

Thai Pulled Pork

Tripple cooked pulled pork with Asian slaw on

bruschetta toasts $13.9 (SPECIAL)



Variety of Sumalee

signatures consisted of Thai Arancini,

Golden Prawn, ocean bag, chicken satay and Prawn Plaza


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