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Tom Yum Soup

Thai hot and sour soup with black tiger prawns,

straw mushrooms, baby corn, and tomato $12.9 

Vegetarian $10.9



Tom Kha Soup

Light coconut milk soup with chicken breast, lemon grass,

galangal, mushrooms and vegetables $11.9 / Vegetarian $10.9



Jungle Curry Soup

Sumalee style spicy clear soup with shredded bacon, chicken

breast, rhizome, green pepper corn, and seasonal vegetables

$11.9 / Vegetarian $10.9






Green Papaya Salad

Julienne green papaya with marinated black tiger prawns,

apple, carrot, garlic, chili, green bean, and peanut, accompanied

w aromatic coconut rice $18.9 / VEGETARIAN $15.9




Salt & Pepper Squid Salad 

Crispy salt & pepper squid with Asian herbs and light 

vegetable salad $18.9



Sumalee Salad 

Avocado, apple, baby green, crushed walnut, and feta cheese w.

tangerine dressing $16.9


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